Carpet cleaning

The family enterprise has been founded in 1905, so the company faces back to 110 years of tradition.

We clean carpets with small-industrial methods. It has the advante in the face of big industrial procedure, that every carpet is handled in the most proper way, there is no place for any spots since all of them are supervised seperately.

We use unique, special technology; machine-made dust-control, deepcleaning based on wet hand-made process (with environmentally sound cleaning supplies) and machine-made drying.

We clean carpets in the whole cross-section, so that they get back to our orderers released by all dust, dust mite and bad odour. As a result carpets can be cleaned more easily and effectively on a long term at home, too.

Basic prices:

  • Stealth: 2.000 HUF/m2
  • Thick wool: 2.000 HUF/m2
  • Torontal: 2.000 HUF/m2
  • Machine-made persian carpet (synthetic)-, valours-, floor carpet: 1.200 HUF/m2
  • Hand-made persian carpet-, tatter-, torontal carpet: 1.500 HUF/m2
  • Silk persian carpet: 1.500 HUF/m2
  • Delivery from home to home above 20 square meters is free.
  • Below 20 square meters in Buda +2.000 HUF.- in Pest + 4000 HUF
  • Deodorating, spot-release: +200 HUF/m2
  • Above 20 square meters we give 100 HUF/m2 discount to our prices.
  • Duration of pledge: 7-14 days.


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