Quality assurance

Team of fulltakaritas.hu is ambitious of its work. In return for your trust we ensure the best quality.


  • Selection:
    We have been selected our colleagues according to experiences of long years. We co-operate only those who perform their work with enthusiasm, honesty and punctuality. They possess of moral certificate and they are reliable and skilled.
  • Training:
    We continually train our charwomen. In our methodic system they master workphases and effective time management.
  • Control:
    In order to keep high level of service we continually control activity of our colleagues.
  • Contact - "Keep in touch":
    Since satisfaction of our clients is of high importance we ask for your opinion terminally. Nevertheless you can anytime contact us on phone or via mail.
  • Privacy:
    We work in strict confidence. Our colleagues are ready to make confidental statement on demand.
  • Guarantee:
    May you be dissatisfied with our work and indicate it to us within 24 hours, we check the concern and correct our fault or recompense cleaning fee.